Take our Gap Analysis Inventory

Take our Gap Analysis Inventory

Got Downtime Over the Holidays? Answer 20 Short Questions and Start the New Year with a Sense of Purpose 

When the holidays are in full swing or just wrapping up, it’s the perfect, cozy time of year for thinking about the coming year. It’s also the ideal time for setting goals.  

What are yours? Do you find yourself wondering if they’re attainable? 

When you’re starting at the beginning, this task can often feel daunting. It helps to keep the end in mind. Where do you want to go? What do you hope to achieve? What roadblocks do you anticipate facing? What talents and skills do you have, and which do you need to hone? Can you clearly discern the best path forward? 

So, after you’ve finished up that slice of pie, grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and open your phone or computer—we’ve got the perfect activity to check in with your goals—and you don’t even need to get off the couch! 

How the Gap Analysis Inventory Works 

What goal are you currently reaching for? 

Our Gap Analysis Inventory is a fabulous tool for checking in with your plans and preparing you to reach your full potential. 

“I thought the questions were wonderful,” says Patrick McGovern, Director of Sales and Marketing at Ascedia, who recently took the Inventory. “They made me think about my goal from a full perspective vs. just a narrow lens.” 

Your Gap Score provides a snapshot of: 

1) What you know (Knowledge)

2) What you believe (Motivation)

3) Your overall Well-Being  

It also shows the impact that these three elements have on your performance and goal achievement. 

The Gap Analysis Inventory asks you to focus on a specific goal you’re trying to achieve, then answer a series of about 20 questions, rating your level of knowledge, motivation, and well-being. At the end, you will get a result—red, yellow, green, or blue—which will help you understand how to close your gap to achieve your goal.  

CLICK here to get started with the Gap Analysis Inventory.   

Whether your goal is big or small—seemingly easy or incredibly out of your comfort zone, taking the Gap Analysis Inventory will show you where you stand. And no matter your final score, the distance to your goal is best closed through learning. Learning fuels performance. And the Kacmarcik Center for Human Performance can help you get started. 

Gap Analysis Inventory Reviews 

“The survey was really easy to use and didn’t take too long, which is always a plus,” says Dr. Phil Birch, senior lecturer in sport and exercise psychology at the University of Chichester, England. “Like any screening tool, the information gleaned hopefully stimulates self-awareness, which is the bedrock for behavior change.” 

We’ve had quite a few people take our Gap Analysis Inventory, using their own personal goals as a benchmark to view their progress. 

“I recently completed the Gap Score evaluation,” says Aaron Rindt, Quality Manager at OneAmerica in Milwaukee. “What a fantastic process; incredibly impressive development and structure throughout. I really enjoyed reading each section, reflecting on my current state, providing my score, and most of all how each step flowed and encouraged curiosity within my own journey, especially in THE moment.” 

Others found that when they set a serious goal, they got some honest feedback about their knowledge, skills, and motivation. 

“Taking the analysis was an incredibly introspective experience,” says Tiffany Andras-Myers, a Cognitive Resilience Expert with RippleWorx, Inc. “I found myself at the very beginning in the habitual mind state of perhaps choosing a goal that I knew I was going to attain relatively easily. As a recovering perfectionist, I had a sense that this assessment was going to tell me how I was doing on my journey to reaching my goal, and even just picking what goal to focus on was a powerful experience to invite self-recognition of how I was hoping to use the tool to validate myself instead of to really understand my gaps.  

“By catching this, I decided to do the opposite and chose the ‘hardest’ goal I have: a BIG life one. I deeply enjoyed the process of self-awareness and reflection that the questions provided. Really digging into to how I feel about the knowledge and skills, self-motivation, and well-being factors necessary to reach my goal was encouraging for where I already feel strong and clarifying and enlivening for where I need to put my focus moving forward.” 

Discover the Gap Analysis Inventory for Yourself 

Setting goals is part of life. Striving for them and reaching them is what makes life fulfilling.  

Take the Gap Analysis Inventory and discover where you’re at with your goals. Then, work with the Kacmarcik Center for Human Performance to use what you learn to chase down your goals and launch your potential. 

For more information about how we can help you reach your goals, CLICK HERE to learn more.