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When it comes to going from potential to possible, the distinctive power of learning is the key. Our solutions, built on our proven gap analysis, equip people and organizations to achieve their very best.


Level UP: Performance Accelerator

Transform your potential through learning that develops well-being 

Accelerate your performance, boost your well-being, and develop your potential with Level UP. This 8-to-12-week immersive experience unlocks your unique score and develops team and individual performance potential. 

What you know, believe, and experience powerfully influences your well-being and performance 

Level UP delivers our research-backed gap analysis through dynamic Q&A paired with smart, bite-sized content customized to your specific professional setting. Learning-based coaching sessions deepen awareness and drive the essential five parts of real learning: increased knowledge, skills, attitude, confidence, and commitment.  

The result is real performance growth and development that goes beyond traditional engagement surveys, pulses, or training programs. 

Ideal for teams and individuals ready to gain a better understanding of their motivation and well-being, Level UP guides you to discover: 

  • Your gap analysis score, a distinct combination of knowledge, motivation, and context indicators 
  • Skills and mindsets necessary for optimal personal and professional growth 
  • Insight into the factors that most influence personal flourishing and workplace well-being 
  • Knowledge and practice of habits and mindsets that can consistently improve your performance over time 
  • Learning that equips you to better cultivate conditions for well-being within the teams you lead and support 
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Team workshop at the Kacmarcik Center


Team Workshops and Retreats

Whether at our beautiful 885 facility or in your neck of the woods, we offer transformative team experiences that deepen your connection, efficacy, and approach to work.

Team Strengths Retreat

A day-long transformative retreat where your team learns about their strengths, how to use them effectively, how to relate to each other in the most effective way, and how best to utilize their natural dispositions to thrive in the work place and beyond.

Gap Analysis Workshop

Our experts utilize the gap analysis framework to help your company zero in on one specific issue and gain the tools to drive a positive outcome. Issues include: performance disparity, communication breakdown, and a host of business decisions important to your organization.


Custom Solutions

Have a specific need for your team? We tailor daily workshop or multi-day retreats that utilize our distinct approach to human flourishing to help you achieve your goals. Let’s talk about how we can create a powerful, transformative experience together.

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