Making an internal IMPACT

Researchers study meaning and purpose in the workplace all the time, and for good reason. Many adults are locked into the traditional eight-hour workday or have a set shift of work that dominates their daily routines. With so many factors outside of the everyday worker’s control, it can be challenging to even think about finding purpose in work or making an impact.


The Kacmarcik Center’s Learning & Development team recently launched the IMPACT program, which seeks to enhance participants’ natural talents through workshops and assessments. This program is designed to support emerging leaders in an intentional way. The overall goal is for each participant to develop increased self-awareness, collaboration with others, and to navigate their own career path.  

The IMPACT program was a result of interdisciplinary teamwork between Kapco’s Human Resources team and the Kacmarcik Center’s Learning & Development leaders.  

Some of the topics have included:  

The program outline includes the following topics: 

·         Emotional intelligence 

·         Strengths assessments 

·         Driving accountability 

·         Personal flourishing 

·         Critical thinking 

·         Conflict management 

·         Data literacy 

·         Human behavior and how to influence it 

·         Networking and building your brand